Chamber of Commerce support is fine as long as they are supporting Democrats, according to White House

This is amusing. From Fox News:

The fundraising practices of the Chamber of Commerce pose a "threat to our democracy," the White House says -- unless that money's going toward Democrats.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Sunday that he's not concerned about Democrats who are getting help from the Chamber, though President Obama has put the group in his campaign crosshairs and accused it of secretly influencing U.S. elections.

Gibbs edged off the administration's offensive during an interview with NBC's "Meet the Press." Questioned on whether Democratic candidates like West Virginia Senate nominee Joe Manchin should "rebuff" the support they're getting from the Chamber, Gibbs said he's not concerned about them.

"Look, the Chamber has certainly a constitutionally protected right to air ads. Nobody is arguing that they can't be involved in the election," Gibbs said.

Manchin was endorsed by the Chamber back in September. The organization called him an "invaluable leader" committed to job creation and capable of tackling the country's economic challenges. The Chamber also reportedly just bought up ads in support of several Blue Dog House Democrats. . . .

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