"Police: Gun-carrying couple stops beating"

This is a neat story. I think that it may be the first one that I have done on a couple carrying guns.

Cristin Severence, ONN
WADSWORTH, Ohio - Wadsworth police say a gun-carrying couple helped them catch a man who was allegedly beating his girlfriend in a parking lot in front of her two small children.

Officers said the couple pulled into the Wadsworth McDonald's on High Street Sunday and saw a man hitting a woman in another vehicle.

Police said the couple, who each have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, called 911 then pulled out their guns and ordered the man to the ground.

"My husband and I both have CCW licenses and we were in fear of her life, and we drew our weapons on him," Heather Evans told the 911 dispatcher.

Police said the man, 18-year-old Anthony Konopinski, then ran off. A third witness then ran after Konopinski, calling police to tell them where they were headed. . . .

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