NY Times media bias

Politico wants to spin this as the NY Times being attacked from all sides. But it seems that both show that the NY Times is closely linked with the Obama administration. 1) The Rattner case shows the NY Times running the news exactly as the Obama administration wants. 2) The other case shows something similar. Apparently someone in the administration told the paper that they were going to link the Tea Party and the Republican Party. The administration objected and the NY Times changed the story to saying that they were only considering it. But other interpretations were possible, such as the administration changing its mind once he was caught.

To accept that the first claim is a problem, one has to assume that the NY Times got the story wrong. It is quite possible that some in the WH leaked the information to the NY Times

In the span of 48 hours, the New York Times was blasted for a story a White House official deemed to be “100% inaccurate,” and then embarrassed by a dishy new book by former car czar Steven Rattner that describes how the White House orchestrated an exclusive background interview with him and a Times reporter, and was rewarded with an article showing President Barack Obama “just as the White House had hoped.” . . .

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