Media on Thursday

Thursday at 10:30 AM EDT I will be on Fox News' Strategy Room with Heather Nauert. We will discuss my piece "The Recession May Be Over -- But the 'Recovery' Is Very Weak." We will also be evaluating President Obama's claim:

We went through the worst recession since the Great Depression. Nothing has come close. In fact, if you look at the consequences of the recession in the ‘80s, the recession in the ‘90s, and the recession in 2001, and you combine all three of those, it still wasn’t as bad as this recession that we went through.

So the month I was sworn in we lost 750,000 jobs; the month after that 600,000; the month after that 600,000. This is before any of our plans had a chance to take effect. The financial markets were on the verge of meltdown and the economy was contracting about 6 percent -- by far, the largest contraction we've seen since the ‘30s.

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