With GDP growth rate falling to 2.4 percent can Obama keep blaming Bush

With economic growth declining to just 2.4 percent in the second quarter, will Obama keep trying to claim that Bush is responsible for what is happening with the economy? A new Rasmussen survey finds that it is getting at least somewhat more difficult for Obama to blame Bush for all the economy's ills.

For the first since President Obama took office, voters see his policies as equally to blame with those of President George W. Bush for the country’s current economic problems.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 48% of Likely U.S. Voters now think Obama’s policies are to blame for the continuing bad economy, up three points from last month. Forty-seven percent (47%) say the recession that began under Bush is at fault.

With voters across the country expressing stronger belief that the economy is getting worse rather than better, these new findings spell potential bad news for Democratic candidates this fall. The president is already planning to limit his campaign appearances with candidates because of potential voter backlash. . . .

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Blogger TooMuchTime said...

Of course it's Bush's fault. So is the oil leak and clean up.

Obama can do no wrong in the eyes of the socialists. Everything is according to the Marx/Ayres plan.

8/03/2010 11:36 AM  

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