Second Amendment Foundation with Alan Gura brings a lawsuit against Maryland

Obviously, I have more than passing interest in this particular suit.

Imagine having your home invaded and then waiting two and a half hours for the cops to show up. In Maryland eight years ago, that’s what happened to a man and his family . . . except, because he had firearms in his house, he and his son were able to subdue the criminal in the meantime.

But then, several years later, when filing for a renewal of his handgun permit, thanks to a law that had gone into effect, the same man had to show documentation to support his “apprehended fear.” In other words, the authorities told him he had to prove he had cause to exercise his 2nd Amendment rights.

Alan Gottlieb, is the executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), an organization stepping forward to file a lawsuit that seeks a permanent injunction against the enforcement of this Maryland provision. Just earlier this month, the SAF had also done the same to stop a similar restrictive gun law in New York.

“American citizens should not have to demonstrate good cause in order to exercise a constitutionally protected civil right,” says Gottlieb. “Our civil rights, including the right to keep and bear arms, should not be subject to the whims of a local government or its employees.” . . .



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