Overheated Democrat rhetoric?

Has a senior Republican ever compared Democrats to Nazis? Here is the discussion in the New York Daily News.
Comparing GOP tactics to the fast-striking forces of Nazi Germany, Biden warns in a message sent by the DCCC today: “As things heat up, you can expect House Democrats will be hit with a GOP blitzkrieg of vicious Swift-Boat-style attack ads, Karl Rove-inspired knockout tactics, thinly veiled attempts at character assassination and tea party disruptions.”

And while the GOP is mounting a blitzkrieg, Democrats are the allies.

“Our Democratic allies in the House need your help, and the President and I hope we can count on you to come to their defense so we can hold onto our Democratic Majority and continue moving American forward in a new direction,” Biden writes in the appeal. . . .
Remember when Pelosi claimed that those opposed to the Obama health care plan were Nazis because she pointed to one sign with a line through a Swastikas.

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