Dan Baum's "Happiness is a Worn Gun: My Concealed Weapon and Me"

I haven't read the article, though I was called up before publication by an editor at Harper's when they were doing a fact check. An interview with the author is available here. The interview is quite useful, though his numbers were a little off from time to time (e.g., he notes that 80 percent of murders have a criminal record, the number is actually about 89 percent for adults and similar for juveniles or his numbers on the number of defensive guns uses are low (Kleck is probably one of the two academics he references and he would say the number is 2.5 million, not 1.5 million and there is an explanation for the difference between the two numbers he does reference)). But these issues aren't important ones. Baum is able to clearly and credibly get the basic point across to those listening to the radio show that he was on about permit holders not posing a risk to others. The article is already creating some discussion here and here. Anyway, I am going to look for the article and I suggest that others do so as well and make up their own minds about it.



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