Will Congress Act to Overturn Georgia's new law that lets?

Having a gun in these open areas at an airport is a long way from being able to hijack an airplane. Attacking people in a public area such as the check in area at an airport is no difference than doing so any other place. The general points about multiple victim public shootings applies here.

Congressman Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) wrote this in support of the federal government getting involved:

Only law enforcement and security personnel should be permitted to carry guns inside airports. The Airport Security Act, which I recently introduced in Congress, is a common-sense effort that would plug a gaping hole in the federal responsibility to secure the safety of the flying public.

As a high-ranking DeKalb County law enforcement official recently told me, our police are better able to enforce the law when citizens are not carrying concealed weapons in places like churches, shopping malls, courthouses, schools or airports. It is highly likely that a bystander would be killed or injured by “friendly fire” if individuals took it upon themselves to pull out a loaded weapon and fire “at will” in a crowded airport lobby.

Let’s trust law enforcement officials, who say firearms don’t belong at airports.

As the Airports Council International said in a recent letter to Hartsfield-Jackson, “There is no justification for permitting firearms at any airport.”

After 9/11, the federal government assumed responsibility for providing security in our airports. It was obvious that a coordinated effort was necessary. Having security in the hands of a myriad of air carriers was a recipe for disaster. . . .

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