Robbers pull guns and fire at concealed carry permit holder

As this story from St. Louis notes, the permit holder was "glad" that he had his concealed handgun.

Rally's shooting: Robbery victim speaks out
By: Ann Rubin
June 29, 2010

KSDK -- Two would-be robbers picked the wrong victim yesterday, quickly finding out that he was armed too. The shootout that followed happened in the parking lot of a St. Louis Rally's Restaurant. Now the victim is speaking exclusively to NewsChannel 5 about what happened.

The victim says he doesn't like violence, but he has a gun for protection. And he was glad he had it yesterday, when two men tried to rob him.

He says, "It felt like it lasted ten minutes but it was really just a couple seconds."

We're protecting the victim's identity, after what happened.

It was a robbery attempt outside the Rally's on Jefferson. The victim says he and a friend were contemplating their order, when two suspects tried to get in the car.

But when they pulled their guns on him, the victim pulled his gun out too.

He says, "The first shot hit me, then I reached over while I was in the car and I shot two times. That's when, he didn't expect what was going on and he shot again."

The victim was shot twice, once in each leg. But that didn't stop him from getting up and continuing to exchange gunfire with the suspects. In the end, one of them had been shot in the head. The other had been shot in the stomach.

The victim says, "Then after that, after it all ended, I dropped down and I was just sitting in my own puddle of blood."

Now a day later, it's back to business as usual at the Rally's. But the victim says for him, getting back to normal won't be so easy.

He says, "I just got a lot of things on my mind and just replay over and over the situation. "

The victim says he does have a gun permit. And police say he's not facing any charges. He thinks if he hadn't acted, the outcome might have been much different. . . .

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