Elena Kagan confirmation: Reading through tens of thousands of pages of documents in a week or two

Good thing that they are quickly slamming through Kagan's confirmation or people might actually have time to read all the documents. Documents last week, 42,000 pages tomorrow, tens of thousands of pages more next week, and then the confirmation hearings the following week.

The Clinton Library tomorrow will release another 42,000 pages of documents after issuing a first batch a week ago. Employees of the National Archives are helping to review the papers.

The documents will include those from Kagan’s time in the White House counsel’s office and related to her 1999 nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, said Susan Cooper, a spokeswoman for the National Archives. A Republican- led Senate never acted on that nomination.

A final round of documents will be released next week, including e-mails from her White House tenure, Cooper said. . . .

This was an interesting find.

The Republicans also distributed a memo in which Kagan said she was “a bit shocked” by a government sting operation that used the U.S. Postal Service to catch child sex predators. She said a federal appeals court may have been right to uphold the operation and the court should abstain from review. But she said Marshall should still order the government to file a legal brief in the matter. . . .



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