A couple of notes on multiple victim public shootings in France

Here is one story:

Shootings in France reveal explosive social tensions
By Therese LeClerc
3 April 2002
. . . Over the last 10 years there have been at least 17 such incidents, often ending with the suicide of the perpetrator. In July 1992, a young worker killed seven people in the factory in Besancon from which he had been recently fired. He then killed himself. Twelve months later, a member of the gypsy community killed six of his relatives before committing suicide. In September 1995, a 16-year-old killed sixteen people, including three family members, and wounded seven others before killing himself. And last October a railway worker opened fire in the central French city of Tours, killing four people and wounding eleven others. He is currently in prison. . . .

Another story here:

French Railway Worker Goes on Shooting Rampage, Killing 4
Published: October 30, 2001

PARIS, Oct. 29— A masked railroad worker went on a shooting rampage in central France today, killing four people and wounding 10, including three police officers.

The only explanation offered by the authorities for the shootings in Tours was speculation by local officials that the gunman, Jean-Pierre Roux-Durrafourt, was angry at his employer, Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer, the national railroad. He was captured by the police in an underground parking garage. . . .

Ten injured by French nursery gunman in March 2009


Seven murdered in a shooting in Turin, Italy on October 15, 2002.

Seven dead, two seriously wounded in shooting in Italy on Sep 18, 2008.

An attack at a Sikh Temple in Austria that left one dead and 16 others injured.

A school shooting in Norway that left two dead in 2009.

Terror attacks in India are here.

Some attacks at airports.

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Never even heard of these new stories, thanks for posting the links. Would have heard about them if they had happened in America though.

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