Note how Democrats often don't even try to explain why the government health care bill is constitutional

Congressman Phil Hare is a Democrat from Illinois' 17th district (western Illinois that borders Iowa and Missouri and from Davenport, Iowa to St. Louis).

OK, he says that the above discussions, despite being three minutes long, was taken out of context. The discussion takes place starting at 0:52 into the tape. So here is his answer now about why the government health care bill is constitutional.

The congressman control the video this time and besides saying that the constitution is important to him, he makes no attempt at explaining why the bill is constitutional.

By the way, if he did read the Senate bill three times (assuming that this doesn't include the reconciliation part of the legislation), that is indeed 8,100 pages. If he read it at a page a minute (doubtful that it could be anywhere near that fast given the dense legal language at places and some time to understand what was begin read) and he did it for eight hours a day, that would take 16.9 days. If it took two minutes a page, that is 33.75 days of doing nothing else for those eight hours a day. One can judge for themselves about the congressman's claim about reading the bill.

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