Kansas moving towards letting people carry concealed handguns in more areas

This bill seems to make some real sense. If you can't guarantee that bad guys can't carry guns into an area, don't ban law-abiding citizens from being able to carry a gun.

A bill that would allow concealed carry of weapons on campuses was passed in the Kansas House of Representatives 65 to 57 Wednesday.

According to the text of House Bill 2685, the only way weapons in state or municipal facilities could be prohibited would be if the building had adequate security measures to prove that no weapons could be brought into the facility.

“The concealed carry bill as passed would undermine campus safety and security efforts now in place,” said Jill Jess, university relations spokeswoman. “Allowing weapons on campus would significantly increase the risk of violence and harm to students, faculty and others, rather than making anyone safer.”

The amendment to the bill clarified that “adequate security measures” would include walk-through metal detectors and wands at entrances, along with additional staff at each entrance. According to the Kansas Association of Counties, these measures would cost $52,500 per entrance. University officials were not happy with the possibility of this expense.

“To keep weapons off campus, the University would have to install metal detectors at virtually every building entrance. Such security methods would be cost prohibitive and would not absolutely guarantee safety,” Jess said. . . .

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