Few Support New Proposed Internet Tax

No tax of any sort on people earning less than $250,000 per year? I guess it must be true that only the very rich use the internet. From Rasmussen Reports:

The Obama administration recently released its proposed plan for government regulation of the Internet that includes federal taxes on digital goods and services.
A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 20% of Americans favor the federal government taxing goods and services on the Internet. Sixty-one percent (61%) oppose such taxes. Another 19% are undecided.
Sixty-four percent (64%) of those who use the Internet every day or nearly every day oppose such taxes, while 22% of that group think they’re a good idea.
The administration’s regulatory efforts ran into trouble last week, however, when a U.S. federal appeals court rejected a Federal Communications Commission move to impose “net neutrality” rules on Internet providers which would force them to treat all Web traffic equally. But some Internet providers have been attempting to slow the traffic of major downloaders, arguing that they slow Internet service for other customers.
Fifty-three percent (53%) of adults do not believe the FCC should regulate the Internet the way it does radio and television. . . .

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