Want to know the political views of Movie Reviewers?: See how they rated "The Green Zone"

I had noted privately that there was something pretty obvious about the reviews when I looked at them collected at Rotten Tomatoes. Here is a conspiracy theory about the Bush administration lying about WMD in Iraq to trick people into supporting the war. While trying to demonize a duplicitous Bush official as lying about the WMD, there is no mention that all the other security services in the world believing pretty much the same thing. Movie reviewer What Would Toto Watch? has a similar reaction here.

It looks as though the $100 million movie that is showing at 3,003 movie theaters will be a flop, bringing in $15 million the first weekend.

UPDATE: Here is what Box Office Mojo wrote about the opening weekend receipts.

Speaking of director-actor collaborations, director Paul Greengrass and actor Matt Damon failed to replicate the box office success of The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum with their third teaming, Green Zone. The Iraq-set action thriller posted a mediocre estimated $14.5 million on approximately 3,400 screens at 3,003 sites, and it will ultimately gross only a fraction of its reported $100 million production budget. This was the latest Middle East-themed movie to disappoint, landing between the opening weekends of The Kingdom ($17.1 million) and Body of Lies ($12.9 million). Instead of politics, though, Green Zone's marketing sold nondescript action and intrigue and stressed the Bourne connection, banking that that would carry the day. According to distributor Universal Pictures' exit polling, Green Zone's audience was 54 percent male and 67 percent over 30 years old, and its "B-" from moviegoer pollster Cinemascore suggests that word-of-mouth will likely be tepid at best. . . .

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Blogger Brian K Miller said...

If "The Green Zone" fails it will be a marketing failure. Methinks this is the wrong time for an action flick based on the Iraq campaigns. The memory is still too fresh in the minds of veterans and families of those who suffered most.

Regardless of whether the movie itself is pro-war or anti-war, a decade from now would have been a much better time.

3/13/2010 8:18 PM  

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