Remember how the media was bogged down for a month about what Dennis Hastert knew about Mark Foley?

For a month it seemed as if there was nothing but media stories about Foley and the stupid emails that he sent former interns. It turns out that then House Speaker Dennis Hastert didn't really know that much and certainly hadn't seen the emails. Will there now be a media feeding frenzy about what Nancy Pelosi knew? Apparently Massa is accused of making advances to at least one intern as well as multiple staff members.

But a Pelosi aide told POLITICO on Wednesday evening that Massa’s chief of staff, Joe Racalto, informed a member of Pelosi’s “member services” operation in October that Massa was living with several aides, had hired too many staff members and used foul language around his staff.

Racalto also raised concerns about “the way Massa ran his office” and informed Pelosi’s member-services staffer that he had asked Massa to move out of the group house on Capitol Hill, the Pelosi aide said.

Democratic insiders say Pelosi’s office took no action after Racalto expressed his concerns about his then-boss in October.

Hoyer’s aides say he was informed of sexual-harassment allegations against Massa by Ron Hikel, another Massa aide, Feb. 8 and gave the New York Democrat’s office an ultimatum: Take the charges to the ethics committee within 48 hours, or Hoyer would. . . .

Now comes this information from CBS that indicates that Massa may have had a long reputation for this activity. For his time in Congress, they write:

Reports surfaced earlier in the day that Massa had been under investigation for allegedly groping multiple male staffers and behaving inappropriately with interns. . . .

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