Radek Sikorski for Poland's President!

Radek Sikorski is a great guy and would make an amazing president for Poland. I got to know him some when we were both at AEI.

Radek Sikorski and Bronislaw Komorowski held his first pre-election rally, Sunday, aimed at securing the nomination as Civic Platform‘s candidate in this year‘s presidential elections.

At his first election rally for Civic Platform’s primaries Foreign Minister Sikorski promised a new style of leadership if he was chosen to stand in the elections, probably scheduled for this autumn. Taking a shot at President Lech Kaczynski, who will almost certainly be running as candidate for the Law and Justice party, Sikorski said:

“The presidency does not have to look like it does now. In place of […] dozens of bodyguards and advisors all over the place everything, I promise simplicity: fewer jobs in the office, and less interference in matters for which someone else is responsible,” he said, referring to President Kaczynski’s incursions into areas of policy which the government sees as its responsibility.

\Meanwhile, speaking to party activists in Bialystok, Sikorski’s rival for the Civic Platform nomination, Bronislaw Komorowski, launched an attack on Lech Kaczynski’s presidency, which he believes “is blocking or at least not to encouraging the modernization of the country." He promised that after the elections he "will end the practice of blocking modernization in the name of the interests of [the Law and Justice] party."
Asked at a press conference whether the primary elections by party activists will not lead to divisions within Civic Platform, Komorowski said that "there is always such a risk” but assured that he and his opponent will try to do everything to avoid this.

"I think we are both trying to present a candidate that has the backing of the conservative-liberal. mainstream of the party,

Radek Sikorski promised the party faithful not to "insult to Europe", but instead engage in dialogue with EU partners.

He promised that as president he would "allow the government to govern," and will focus on promotion of Polish in the world. . . .

Since then it looks as if the election campaign has heated up.



Blogger AB Negative said...

I agree that Radek Sikorski would be a wonderful President for Poland. He is well known and respected throughout the world and his political philosphy is right for a country that deserves to be a powerhouse in Europe. Please keep us informed on his campaign.

Pat Zajeski

3/07/2010 4:09 PM  

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