Legislation moving at state level

Missouri House OKs expansion of concealed gun rules

Legislative staff members with a permit to carry a concealed weapon could bring them into the state Capitol under legislation given first-round approval Tuesday by the House.

The measure was included in broader gun legislation that loosens Missouri’s restrictions on carry concealed weapons and expands the right of potential crime victims to use deadly force against their attackers. The legislation was approved 125-19 and needs another vote before moving to the Senate. . . .

Arizona: Concealed-gun permit is closer to its demise

Guns: By a 20-10 margin, the Senate voted Monday to remove the permit requirement for those who want to carry a concealed weapon.
Sen. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, sponsor of SB 1108, said all adults are permitted to carry weapons openly in Arizona. He said there is no reason for otherwise law-abiding residents to have to attend a class and go through a background check just to put a weapon under a jacket or in a purse.
The House already has given preliminary approval to an identical measure and should have a final vote later this week, sending the measure to Gov. Jan Brewer. . . .

Nebraska: Lawmakers Move To Stop Omaha Gun Rule

LINCOLN, Neb. -- Nebraska lawmakers want to force the city of Omaha to stop requiring those with concealed-carry gun permits to register their firearms with the city.
On Monday, they passed an amendment that would stop the practice in Omaha.
The approval of the amendment follows an opinion from Attorney General Jon Bruning's office on Friday that Omaha has been violating state law by forcing people who have permits to carry concealed guns to also register their guns.
The formal opinion said Omaha's rule isn't allowed under a law that bars cities from preventing concealed-carry permit holders from carrying concealed guns inside city limits. . . .



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