The future of golf?

For some reason I don't think that this is going to catch on (link is here). I suppose that you would still have to have clubs for putting and short distances.
NcStar AR15 GOLF BALL LAUNCHER (AGOLF) Specifications Let the fun begin! NcSTAR introduces The Golf Ball Launcher that attaches to virtually any AR-15 with a threaded barrel. This simple to use design is ready to go by simply removing the Flash Hider from your AR-15 and installing The Golf Ball Launcher. Then you load Blank Ammunition into your rifle drop the ball into the launcher and propel golf balls down range! Manufacturer: NcStar Model Number: AGOLF SKU: NC_AGOLF

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Blogger Mike aka Proof said...

That might make it a real sport! Golfers could hand load their own blanks and ask their caddies for advice on how big a charge to use for each hole!

3/15/2010 11:21 PM  

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