Democrats having harder time getting health care takeover passed?

From the Drudge Report today:

TODAY: Obama pushing on health care end game (AP)

Last year:

July 28: Healthcare endgame on Capitol Hill (Reuters)
August 21: Analysis: Health care endgame near but uncertain (AP)
October 14: Senate, administration begin healthcare endgame as Dem leaders express unity (Hill)
October 25: Senators say health care bill endgame is in sight (Politico)
October 27: End Game: So When Will Health Care Really Happen? (TPM)
October 30: Health reform inches closer to endgame (WaPo)
November 23: The Health Care Endgame (NPR)

From Michael Barone:

Some liberals claim that Democrats would be better off passing a bill, any bill, even if it's unpopular with the general electorate. The idea is to energize the Democratic base, currently demoralized by the prospects of failure. Current polls show Democrats far less enthusiastic and far less likely to vote; passing a law might change that.
Others, mostly conservatives but also some liberals speaking privately, figure that Democrats would be better off letting the issue drop. Back in January, Barack Obama said he would emphasize "jobs, jobs, jobs," currently a higher priority for voters than health care. By November, these folks hope voters will have forgotten about health care and may be impressed by Democratic economic policies.
I'm inclined to think both sides are wrong. They both assume that there exists some optimum course that will produce happy results. But sometimes in politics there is no course that leads to success. Disaster lies ahead whatever you do. . . . .

Even if both paths are problematics, which is worse? If the Democrats think that neither looks good politically, it could still make it more difficult for Dems to pass the health care takeover because there will be at least some Dems who have different views on which direction is worse.

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