5 years in prison for a BB gun?

Five years in prison from bringing an unloaded BB gun to school to show student ROTC members seems nonsensical. Of course, this BB gun is neither a "firearm or dangerous weapon."

A 17-year-old student at Huntington High School has been arrested after allegedly bringing an unloaded BB gun onto the campus.

Authorities say Freddiericka Terrell was in or near the school's auditorium when she reportedly showed the gun to a group of students during a JROTC class on Wednesday. Shreveport police spokesman, Sgt. Bill Goodin, says the students reported the alleged incident to the school's security officer and Terrell was arrested.

Terrell, a junior, was booked into the Shreveport City Jail on one count of carrying a firearm or dangerous weapon on school property. If convicted, she faces up to five years in prison.

In addition, Terrell has been suspended from school, pending a hearing.

Thanks to Kirk Mooneyham for mentioning this to me.

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Blogger John A said...

More than a bit silly, true. I night support a one-day suspension, but this taken much too far. Sort of like insisting police arrest someone you noticed spitting in public, an anti-TB measure that has never (as far as I know) been repealed. OTOH -

Of course, this BB gun is neither a "firearm or dangerous weapon."

The law may say otherwise. I think Massachusetts law[s], for one, considers BB guns to be dangerous firearms.

CO2 airguns often are, if not the type where a manual punp is used to compress air. Some of which are killing instruments, as depicted in The Adventure of the Empty House wherein Colonel Moran trues to kill Sherlock Holmes with one. A few companies in Germany still make that type of air rifle.

3/11/2010 6:55 PM  

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