"Gun toting mom helps police nab punks . . ."

Here is a defensive gun use case in St. Louis.

Two down, one to go. Wellston police arrested two teens who they claim are linked to nearly 40 burglaries in their community.

A 15 and 16-year-old are in a holding cell at the St. Louis County Family Courts building in Clayton. Authorities credit solid police work, juvenile authorities, and a middle-aged mom who was not afraid to cooperate.

"I'm just an average house mom, but don't mess with me," said 57-year-old Geneva Benton of Wellston.

One week ago, three teens threw a brick inside her home, breaking in and getting away with a plasma TV, jewelry, money and a VCR.

"If I had been here and they would have come in, they would have found three juveniles dead in the house," Benton said. "I will shoot to kill because it's either me or them."

Geneva has two .38 Smith & Wesson Specials she has nicknamed 'Mikey' and 'Joe.' She only uses hollow point bullets.

"It goes in small and comes out large; kind of explodes, boom!" she explained

Authorities charged two teens with burglarizing Benton's home. Detectives said they are likely linked to dozens of other home invasions and burglaries. . . .

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