Obama's TSA Nominee's views on the greatest domestic terrorist threats

Here is an interview with TSA nominee Erroll Southers from 2008.

The most threatening homegrown terror groups in the U.S. are 'Christian identity-oriented,' 'anti-government, anti-abortion,' 'survivalist,' 'white supremacist' groups.

A 'common misconception' about terrorism is that it's committed by 'Muslim radicals.' Also, the risk of 'nuclear terrorism' is 'quite low.' That just makes good TV.

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Blogger Braxton Hicks said...

Where does the President find these people to nominate? He obviously hangs out with a far different crowd than John Q. Public. It sounds to me as if this guy is not the right person to head up TSA or for dog catcher.

1/12/2010 8:37 AM  

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