Obama still blaming Bush, even the AP notes that Obama doesn't really mean it when he says that the buck stops with him

At some point will it begin to bother people that Obama is constantly blaming his predecessor? Given Bush's success on terrorism, that would seem to be the hardest case for Obama to make. Here is a piece from the AP:

WASHINGTON – He says "the buck stops with me," but nearly a year into office, President Barack Obama is still blaming a lot of the nation's troubles — the economy, terrorism, health care — on George W. Bush.
Over and over, Obama keeps reminding Americans of the mess he inherited and all he's doing to fix it. A sharper, give-me-some-credit tone has emerged in his language as he bemoans people's fleeting memory about what life was like way back in 2008, particularly on the economy.
"Yes, we can"?
Try "Yes, I have."
While candid about what he called his team's "screw-up" in the botched Christmas airliner attack, Obama has made a point of underlining all the good he believes his government has done, too.
"Our progress has been unmistakable," Obama said as the new year began. "We've disrupted terrorist financing, cutting off recruiting chains, inflicted major losses on al-Qaida's leadership, thwarted plots here in the United States and saved countless American lives."
Yet every time Obama tries to offer a dose of perspective like that, he faces the reality that people live in the moment.
On terrorism, Americans are less concerned about quiet successes than troubling failures, especially one that evoked harrowing memories of Sept. 11, 2001.
On the economy, people prefer good news now, not updates on how things are gradually getting less bad.
The way Obama sees it, the problems he took on — recession, war, health care, a warming planet — were always too huge and complicated to fix that fast.
So he emphasizes progress by taking people back to where he began.
Which means taking them back to Bush.
"I don't need to remind any of you about the situation we found ourselves in at the beginning of this year," Obama told people at a Home Depot stop last month. And then he reminded them anyway, detailing a nation in financial free fall when he took office.
The economy now is both groaning and growing. . . .

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