Massachusetts Senate Candidate Martha Coakley's Controversial Past

Hannity has an important interview here. An extremely rough computer generated transcript is here.

See also this from the Palm Beach Post in Florida.

Coakley also has some silly mistakes that show her as a bit of an elitist and out of touch.



Blogger screw1 said...

The stupid comment about no taliban in afghanistan. Not knowing about the incident with the pushed down reporter even tho thier is video of her there just as it happens and a still photo of her right next to the reporter on the ground and her looking directly at him Now this. just goes to prove she cant think. I guess that would qualify her for capital hill. She is willing to do whatever the dems want. her adds state she is for health reform with a public option.It makes me ask she is willing to vote yes on something she hasnt read yet but beacuse a dem pres. wants it so say yes. talk about lockstepping with the party. She bashes brown for the exact thing she is already doing. I just hope voters have gotten smarter in mass and can see thru all the stupid stuff. have former presidents and current stump for someone doesnt make them a better candidate. You either like whate she says or you dont.

1/16/2010 3:21 PM  

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