Indiana moves forward with allowing concealed handgun permit holders to have guns at work

There is a lot of government pressure from OSHA to threatened legal liability that tries to make firms ban guns, even if they think that guns are helpful. Ideally, one would leave all these decisions to employers, but the proposed Indiana law might be viewed as partially balancing off these other legal actions.

Ind. House panel approves guns-at-work bill

Associated Press - January 20, 2010 5:44 PM ET

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - A bill that would prohibit companies from banning guns in people's locked cars at work is on its way to the Indiana House floor.

The House Natural Resources Committee voted 10-1 to pass the bill Wednesday. The panel approved amendments that would allow domestic violence shelters and homeowners to prohibit firearms on their property.

The bill also would exempt refineries and certain facilities such as chemical plants that must register under anti-terrorism regulations.

Another amendment would protect businesses from being sued if the company follows the law and someone is harmed in a workplace shooting.

A Senate committee has approved a similar bill.

The National Rifle Association says 12 states already have such laws.

State laws: Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Georgia, Louisiana, Utah, and Idaho.

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