A quarter of "saved" or "created" jobs were never in jeopardy

So how did California State University officials "save" more jobs with the stimulus dollars than were saved in 44 other states? They didn't.

Up to one-fourth of the 110,000 jobs reported as saved by federal stimulus money in California probably never were in danger, a Bee review has found.

California State University officials reported late last week that they saved more jobs with stimulus money than the number of jobs saved in Texas – and in 44 other states.

In a required state report to the federal government, the university system said the $268.5 million it received in stimulus funding through October allowed it to retain 26,156 employees.

That total represents more than half of CSU's statewide work force. However, university officials confirmed Thursday that half their workers were not going to be laid off without the stimulus dollars.

"This is not really a real number of people," CSU spokeswoman Clara Potes-Fellow said. "It's like a budget number." . . . .



Blogger Junkyard Sam said...

I first learned of your writings on the Thom Hartmann show, and I disagreed with you. I even posted some hostile disagreement comments on your blog.

But I was wrong, and you have proven to be right.

Obama has done a 180 on every major issue to an insane degree - so much to the point that I cannot believe I ever voted for the guy. I truly am ashamed.

He said he'd bring an end to the war - the seems to have increased it. He said he'd "renegotiate NAFTA/GAT" - he's increased exporting of jobs. Obviously he's owned by the banks... Our national debt is now 12 trillion. TWELVE!!! It seems like just yesterday I was in disbelief we'd hit 9!!! Then 10.

Worst of all - he campaigned against torture and then turned around and then continued/approved of it.

And now -- the INSANITY of the healthcare legislation they are proposing -- it's unreal!

He's -- the ultimate liar, the ultimate fake.

And I voted for the guy.

Anyhow - when I'm wrong I admit it, and I was wrong... You were right.

Not to say the Republicans are any better.

From now on my votes will go 3rd party... Probably Libertarian.

I once had hope in the American people and our government - but no more. The centralization of the US government resulted in a government that does not represent We The People.

And now... Now it's looking like we're moving toward *world government* and that's the scariest of all... The further our representatives ("leaders", sigh) get from We The People, the less we are heard.

You were right.
I was wrong.

Keep up the good work.
Next time you talk with Thom, maybe you can ask him how many more excuses he can make for Obama.

I... can't believe I voted for him. It makes me question everything.

11/08/2009 6:14 AM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Dear Junkyard Sam:

Thanks very much for the post. It has been very nice of Thom to have me on his show.

Take you comment about the deficit. Right up until the last day of the campaign and including the presidential debates, President Obama promised to cut the deficit (take the last presidential debate): "what I've done throughout this campaign is to propose a net spending cut.” (http://johnrlott.tripod.com/op-eds/FoxNewsObamaEconProm021009.html)

11/08/2009 12:35 PM  

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