Majority of Canadians support scrapping long gun registration

46% of Canadians say abolishing the long-gun registry is a good idea while 41% of Canadians support it. It is interesting to see that the even the Liberals are not that strongly supportive of the program.

Nationally, a slight plurality of Canadians is in favour of abolishing the long-gun registry. Overall, 46% thought this would be a good idea, while 41% thought it would be a bad idea. A majority of those in Atlantic Canada (50%) and BC (51%) support abolishing the long gun registry, while even more in Alberta (64%) and Manitoba and Saskatchewan (61%) answered in kind. Resistance was highest in Quebec where 36% would favour such a move, and 56% are opposed to it. Conservatives are significantly more likely than other voting blocks to say abolishing this registry is a good idea, while women and those under the age of 35 are less likely than their counterparts to believe abolition is a good idea. . . .

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Blogger Joel West said...

This would be a perfect opportunity for federalism, provincial autonomy and decentralized choice.

Have the national government abolish registration, and let the Quebecois institute it at the provincial level.

11/14/2009 4:04 PM  

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