A new danger to flying: Pilots arguing with each other

From the BBC:

The crew of a Northwest Airlines plane blamed being distracted by a "heated discussion" for missing by 150 miles (240km) the airport they were meant to land at. So how common are tensions in the cockpit, and what do you do if you fall out with your colleagues at 35,000ft? Penny Spiller reports.

Imagine being stuck with one or two colleagues in a space not much bigger than a broom cupboard for 10 hours on end.

You are busy at the start and the end of your shift, but the intervening hours are a little more relaxed. It's a good time for a chat if you get on with your workmates. But what if you don't?

Earlier this month, a scuffle was reported to have broken out between the pilots and cabin crew of an Air India flight.

A row over allegations of sexual harassment was said to have spilled into the galley, startling the 106 passengers on the flight from the United Arab Emirates to Delhi. The airline said it would investigate.

The crew of the Northwest Airlines flight between San Diego and Minneapolis said they had been having a heated discussion over airline policy, although an investigation will also look into reports that they may have fallen asleep. . . . .



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