The Swiss Gun Debate

There is an interesting video here.

Switzerland is grappling with a question and it’s a loaded one: should its citizens be allowed to keep military rifles at home? The shooting traditions are deep-rooted in this country where basic military training is mandatory and so is storing weapons at home. It’s estimated that over 500,000 military rifles are kept in Swiss cellars and cupboards. WRS video journalist Amy Wong went to the Tiro Federale in Campagna (also called the Feldschiessen in German or Tir fédéral en campagne in French) the largest shooting festival in the world, to witness this 83-year-old tradition.

Someone should really do some serious research on the questions raised here.

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Blogger Unknown said...

John, Thanks for the post and that link to the video. I used it on my blog this morning. As I mentioned over there, I don't get your remark that someone needs to do a serious study. Don't you trust the Swiss to do that? There was no way to tell how serious the study was that was mentioned in the video, but I see no reason to doubt it.

9/20/2009 2:46 AM  

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