Obama's crazy anti-trust enforcement

This is just the beginning of the cases.

The cooperative said that in 2008, it marketed 61.2 billion pounds of milk, representing 32% of the total milk marketed in the country. . . .

The problem isn't the level of concentration. The political problem is that milk prices are down, but that is not because of a sudden increase in concentration.

Dairy farmers nationwide are coping with historically low milk prices after a 36% drop in the past year to the lowest level in three decades. In 2007 and part of 2008, dairy farmers enjoyed high milk prices as a booming global economy boosted demand for milk around the world. Dairy farmers expanded their herds to cash in. Then, with the onset of the recession, demand for milk weakened and dairy farmers were left with an oversupply of milk, which depressed prices. . . .

Possibly someone can also explain to me how a coop conspires to lower the price it pays to its members who own the coop. Even if it somehow accomplished this, don't the members get the "ill gotten gains" back at the end of the year?



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