New Fox News Op-ed: Who do Democrats trust more for News?

My newest posting at Fox News starts this way:

Who do Democrats trust more for news: FOX News or The New York Times? With all the vitriol directed against FOX News, one would think that it is a no brainer. But a new Pew Research Center for the People and the Press shows that it is FOX News. While 43 percent of Democrats have a positive view of FOX News, 39 percent of Democrats feel the same way about The New York Times. . . .

After seeing the above poll results it is interesting to read this in Politico.

Isham said that CBS has been “batting around” an ACORN story, and expects it to soon be covered on the evening newscast. Although the sting videos quickly went viral, Isham said that “you have to be very careful” when it comes to such reporting, and “learn as much as you can about the circumstances” before putting them on the air.

“Clearly, Fox is going to be more aggressive on a story like that, initially, then other media organizations,” Isham said.

A Fox News spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment, but the network has been criticized in the past for running more favorable coverage of conservative protests than demonstrations against the Iraq war —from the April 15 tea parties to this past weekend’s rally in Washington—or stories that could be expected to be more detrimental to Democrats.

Karl Frisch, a senior fellow at Media Matters, a group founded to counter what it regards as the media’s bias toward conservatives, said that if anything, the mainstream media too often follows the lead of Fox. “Mainstream publications and networks take the Fox News bait of sensationalistic, delusional, partisan reporting far too often,” he said.

“To Fox News,” Frisch continued, “outlets that don’t share its single minded obsession with Obama conspiracy theories and one-sided reports designed to weaken progressives, have some sort of shadowy liberal media bias. Much like its self-serving cries of bias, it is a myth that Fox News has any interest in journalistic integrity or responsibility.” . . .

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Blogger Pundit said...

Why did you leave out the fact that both newspapers in the poll got low "favorable" scores from everyone and that Fox got the lowest favorable rating from Democrats of all of the broadcast media? Considering the decline of newspapers, I don't see how this is relevant. Does Fox consider the NYT to be its competition?

9/15/2009 8:46 PM  

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