Neighbor uses gun to save woman from pit bull

The story with video is available here:

ST. PETERSBURG, FL -- A St. Petersburg man shot and killed a pit bull that attacked and critically injured his neighbor Thursday afternoon.

Investigators say Patricia Thiel walked into the backyard of her home at 2012 Bonita Way and was attacked by Jake, a 100 lb. pit bull owned by another man who lives in the same home.

As she cried out for help, a neighbor looked over the privacy fence surrounding the yard. Jake charged the fence, causing the neighbor to retreat, police say.

That neighbor ran door to door, eventually finding Joseph Wharton, who lives several doors down. Wharton got his 9mm handgun and fired three shots at the animal, hitting it twice and killing it.

"It was a scary scream. A scream "somebody help me! Help me!"" said neighbor Jackie Williams, who called 911 for help while Wharton went back in his home for his pistol.

"Even if she hadn't scooted over, I would've taken the shot. 'Because you were scared for her life?' Yes. She was going to die." said Wharton.

Williams said, "And blood everywhere. I thought "oh my God! oh my God!" I got in my car and went to the country club and got Rob (the dog's owner)."

Thiel, whose left arm was shredded with the bone exposed, was taken to Bayfront Medical Center. She also suffered injuries to her head, neck, right shoulder and right arm. . . . .



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