G20 nations agree to limit executive pay

Presumably this limit on pay is done to reduce international competition for the very best workers.

The agreements, if carried out by national governments, would lead to much tighter regulation over financial institutions, complex financial instruments and executive pay. They could also lead to big changes and more outside scrutiny over the economic strategies of individual countries, including the United States. . . .

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Blogger The Right Guy said...

Why are businesses and businessmen so silent to Obama and the G-20 agendas and policies? You'd think at some point some of them would be thinking of Galt's Gulch.

9/26/2009 12:18 AM  
Blogger Angie said...

I would love to see somebody take this to court.

And on a side note, what kind of moron plans to pay for his social plan by taxing the rich then turns around and puts a cap on wages?

9/27/2009 2:51 AM  

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