For those who think that the US Post Office is a Private entity, Congress gives the Post Office $5.4 billion

Well, this would imply a government take over unless you could the fact that the government already owns it. From the Politico:

The House approved a 30-day stop-gap spending bill Friday designed to keep the government operating through October and buy more time for the cash-strapped Postal Service to meet a $5.4 billion payment due next week for its retirees’ health benefits.

Adopted 217-190, the measure allows the Postal Service to pay only $1.4 billion on Sept. 30 and effectively amortize the remaining $4 billion after 2017. With $32 billion in the fund, the agency insists it is still able to meet its obligations, but the issue has been handled with such a political sleight-of-hand that conservatives worry it could come back to haunt taxpayers. . . . .



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