Concealed-weapons permit holder defends himself against pit bull

Another defensive gun use by a permit holder:

Vancouver man shoots, kills pit bull
Story Published: Aug 30, 2009 at 1:13 PM PDT
Story Updated: Aug 31, 2009 at 7:55 AM PDT
By Meghan Kalkstein, KATU News Reporter
VANCOUVER, Wash. - A 78-year-old man with a licensed concealed pistol said he was trapped by two pit bulls he had never seen before, and the only way to survive was to shoot and kill one of dogs.

Albert Gosiak (pronounced like go-shack) said he walked out of his East Vancouver house just for a minute Saturday morning. That's when he met two pit bulls in his walkway.

Gosiak said the dogs were aggressive and he was trapped. He said he acted in self defense when he shot one of the pit bulls.

"It was just a snap judgment," Gosiak said. "What do I do, fumble around? They were right there ... I gotta do something now, so I pulled out my gun and shot them." . . . .

Animal control officials are investigating the case, and have told KATU that they believe Gosiak indeed was acting in self defense. Consequently, it is unlikely they will charge Gosiak in this case.

A video is available here.

Thanks to Gus Cotey.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where I live, the city requires all pit bull's to be muzzled when out in public. The ordinance was passed in 2004 after a dog was attacked and killed in the park next to where I live.

Unfortunately, not all Pit Bull owners got the word. A teenager was stopped by the police for not having his Pit Bull muzzled in the downtown shopping area across from my office. Apparently the kid didn't like being told what to do and told the dog to attack the two police officers. The dog was shot and the dog owner arrested.

9/02/2009 7:53 AM  

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