Victim who had his iPhone stolen can use GPS to track the criminals

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has this:

Victim uses GPS to track robbers
Sunday, August 30, 2009
By Kaitlynn Riely, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Myron Knox, Jr.
Using a computer to tap into the GPS function of his cell phone, a man directed police to the location of the men he said robbed him early yesterday in Shadyside.

The victim, who was not identified by police, said two men approached him at about 1 a.m. near the intersection of Amberson Avenue and Amberson Place. He told police the men demanded his wallet and asked for his PIN number for his credit cards; one of the men also showed what appeared to be a handgun.

The man told police he turned over his wallet, his PIN number and his iPhone before running away toward Ellsworth Avenue. Officers arrived while he was contacting his bank to cancel his cards.

The man later used his computer to track the location of his iPhone to a Wal-Mart in North Versailles, where police said the suspects purchased items with his stolen credit card before moving on to an Eat'n Park restaurant on Route 30.

North Versailles police detained the suspects, who were in a gray 2004 Dodge van, at a gas station. Police said they recovered a black pellet gun, as well as stolen identification, credit cards and cash. . . . .

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Blogger Matt G said...

One wonders why you would give the correct PIN to the robbers.

9/01/2009 4:03 PM  

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