Obama's Environmentalism will be destroying jobs in Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Tennessee and Alabama

Some big losses expected in jobs:

Although President Obama won Virginia in 2008, due to strong showings in about a dozen major counties, he struggled to make inroads in the rural western portion of the state, or in much of Appalachia for that matter.

So with the nation, and this region in particular, grappling with the most challenging economic times since the 1930s, Obama would do well to reconsider his stance against a controversial coal mining technique important to the economies of rural Virginia and elsewhere.

Nationwide, the coal industry supports more than 500,000 jobs through both direct and indirect employment. And coal-related jobs are the employment backbone of West Virginia and the Appalachian regions of Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Alabama.

Coal also provides more than half the electricity used in the country, again playing an increased role in Appalachia, and does so at about a third the cost of other fuel sources. . . .

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