Libya claims that there was a deal on the Lockerbie bomber being released

The Labor government in Britain must be really damaged by this. Do I believe that they would do something like this? No. But as long as Libya claims that there was a deal, it must be doing real harm to Labor. The real question is why the Obama administration couldn't convince the UK not to release this terrorist early from prison. This terrorist had served well less than half his term and there was no reason that he should have been released early.

Gaddafi met Megrahi on Friday, embracing him and getting a kiss on the hand in return. The beaming Libyan leader expressed gratitude to Brown and Queen Elizabeth.

'This step is in the interest of relations between the two countries...and of the personal friendship between me and them and will be positively reflected for sure in all areas of cooperation between the two countries,' he told Libyan TV.

His son Saif al-Islam went further, saying that whenever he had met British officials to discuss business, the issue of Megrahi's release was a condition of any deal being struck.

Mandelson said he had met Gaddafi's son twice in the past year and the issue of the Lockerbie bomber had been raised both times, but his release was not tied to business deals.

'It's not only completely wrong to make any such suggestion or insinuation, it's also quite offensive,' he told reporters. . . .

In all British interests regarding Libya, I always put you on the table,' Saif al-Islam's newspaper quoted him as telling Megrahi on his return to Libya.

'All the visits of the ex-Prime Minister Blair and the big secret and public work that all the parties entered into was carried out in order to release you. The exploitation of British-Libyan political and trade interests was always done with the aim of releasing Abdel Basset al-Megrahi.'

European governments including Britain's are lobbying hard for business in Libya as it emerges from years of sanctions. Oil companies such as BP and Shell (LSE: RDSB.L - news) are among several British firms hoping to make big profits in the desert country. . . .

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Blogger Unknown said...

Hey John, just discovered your blog and I really like it.
One point on this post/story.It wasn't the Labour Government in Westminster that made the decision, at least not reportedly, but the Scottish National Party in Scotland (this is a separate government) who's leader is Alex Salmond.

8/23/2009 1:42 PM  
Blogger Chas said...

Blood for oil?

8/23/2009 2:09 PM  
Blogger FireForce said...

Yes you may kick up a fuss about this in the U.S.A.
But here, I do wonder if they have the right man in custody?
If he, was in anyway responsible? He lived in a country where he was / is in a pecking order, there are many, many above him, includding quadaffi!!!!!
I have in the past had trouble with the police force who conducted the enquiry to the bombing of PANAM-103.
Their forensic (Dumfries & Galloway police force) are a picture of incompetence, useless to the point of FIXING EVIDENCE.
Ok in the past I have had a run in with them, it was twice they tried to get me to court, both times it was thrown out by the prosecutor, (By my direction to my legal brief where the police had [F****DUP] and both times charges were dropped)
However they can still use against me the petition, and they do, in the first instance it cost me some £6,000:00+ the second and more serious some £16,000:00.
I can not get this back not even an apology!
I do understand the American reaction
if you look back to when the last Conservative government banned pistol shooting, and later in 1997 when labour got in they banned.22 pistol shooting,
They did so because a mad chap killed 16 pupils and their teacher,
but a few years ago 4 muslims bomb a bus and three tube trains and kill 52 people! They are not treated like us pistol shooters, oh no because 2,million muslims vote labour.
The result of freeing this lybiab is that the S.N.P. now secure some 750,000 votes to the S.N.P.at the next election!!
correct me if I am wrong.

8/23/2009 4:07 PM  
Blogger Conservatarian said...

Oops. I guess the Labor governement did have direct involvement in this travesty:

"Gordon Brown faced fresh questions tonight after it emerged that he discussed with Colonel Gaddafi detailed conditions for the Lockerbie bomber's return nearly six weeks ago, while senior Labour figures warned of an economic backlash from angry Americans 'costing our country dear.'" From the Guardian, readi it all.

8/23/2009 8:58 PM  

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