Democrats stage vandalism to Democrat Political Office?

Here is the original story. As the story notes: "Democratic Party Officials say that they think that the vandalism is in reaction to the heated health care debate." Note also that a sign opposing the government health care takeover was left on one of the windows. The reaction by Americans was understandable. As one commentator wrote: "Even liberals who are trying to destroy the country deserve their windows to be intact."
But it looks like that the Democrats shouldn't get much sympathy.

My guess is that the other case in Georgia with a swastika on a Democratic Congressman's office sign is a similar case.

More on the story here from Fox News.

Waak, meanwhile, told FOXNews.com that the shattered windows were directly in front of posters depicting President Obama and health care reform.

"If you look at the windows, that's where the major smashes were done," Waak said Wednesday. "To us, that indicates this is about health care reform." . . .

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