The Wife of the UK's MI6 chief put personal family details up on Facebook

This is pretty bizarre. From the BBC:

Details about the personal life of the next head of MI6, Sir John Sawers, have been removed from Facebook.

The Mail on Sunday says his wife, Lady Shelley Sawers, put details about their children and the location of their flat on the social networking site.

The details, which also included holiday photographs, were removed after the paper contacted the Foreign Office.

MP Patrick Mercer, counter-terrorism sub-committee chairman, said he was disappointed by the couple's actions. . . .

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Blogger Bruce said...

Lets get straight to the point. Any high ranking member of the security servics in the UK will undoubtedly know that their families are subject to stringent vetting.

She is a disgrace and if he still walks into the top job at MI6 after this episode it proves the lunatics are indeed running the asylum.

7/05/2009 7:31 AM  

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