Push for one-gun-a-month rule in New Jersey

I assume that the Democrats in New Jersey are pushing gun control to try distracting people from the mess that they have made of so many other things. Scott Bach has this post:

No matter that they may have already waited 6 months for purchase permits. No matter that the sales are registered with State and local law enforcement, so we'd know in a heartbeat if there were any truth to the phony claim that handguns purchased in legal, government-monitored multiple sales from New Jersey dealers are illegally trafficked or used in crime by their purchasers. . . . .

The claim by supporters of S1774 that State-certified law abiding New Jerseyans are magically transformed into violent criminals and illegal gun traffickers when they buy more than one handgun on the same day (after waiting months for permits) has been thoroughly discredited. These claims are based on deceptive parsing of statistics and disingenuous use of misunderstood ATF nomenclature, to falsely characterize guns recovered from house fires, floods, natural disasters, estates, and gun buybacks as "crime guns."

The only publicly available ATF statistics show, irrefutably, that less than one half of one percent of guns traced by ATF originated as New Jersey multiple handgun sales, which also means that more than 99% of traces originated as individual (not multiple) sales. There simply is no evidence that licensed multiple sales in New Jersey are trafficked or used in crime by their purchasers, and objective evidence demonstrates precisely the opposite. . . . . .

I would just point out that I don't know of any academic research by economists or criminologists showing that one-gun-a-month rules reduce violent crime rates.



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