Outrageous case from Seattle: teens who beat a police officer so badly that he has brain damage get no jail time

This is an amazing case. The teachers for these students apparently said what fine kids they are. They also had little to no criminal records. I just don't understand how someone could beat a police officer (or anyone for that matter) who is laying helplessly on the ground.

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Blogger The Right Guy said...

Absolutely insane. The judge is to blame for this. It reminds of the insanity of when Larry Davis got off for shooting 6 cops in the bronx. In this case the judge should know better. I bet police in that jurisdiction will be more vigilant in protecting themselves.

6/23/2009 7:54 AM  
Blogger tlen said...

Yet another instance of no justice in the WA legal system

6/23/2009 3:05 PM  

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