Obama knows better than the Honduras Supreme Court who is the legitimate president of Honduras

John Fund has this over at the WSJ:

Many foreign observers are condemning the ouster of Honduran President Mel Zelaya, a supporter of Hugo Chavez, as a "military coup." But can it be a coup when the Honduran military acted on the orders of the nation's Supreme Court, the step was backed by the nation's attorney general, and the man replacing Mr. Zelaya and elected in emergency session by that nation's Congress is a member of the former president's own political party?

Mr. Zelaya had sacked General Romeo Vasquez, head of the country's armed forces, after he refused to use his troops to provide logistical support for a referendum designed to let Mr. Zelaya escape the country's one-term limit on presidents. Both the referendum and the firing of the military chief have been declared illegal by the Honduran Supreme Court. Nonetheless, Mr. Zelaya intended yesterday to use ballots printed in Venezuela to conduct the vote anyway.

That apparently isn't good enough for President Obama. The AP has this:

Obama says Honduras coup was "illegal" and Zelaya remains the president.

The UK Telegraph has this:

Honduras supreme court 'ordered army coup'

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Blogger Tim Bolin said...

this is only natural... this administration will *never* express support for *any* action which ousts a currently-sitting leader of a country, whether or not it was legal. not honduras, not iran, not anywhere.

they wouldnt want to give anyone any ideas, dontcha know? after all, if one ouster in one country is legitimate...? having *that* thought running around people's heads simply will not do. therefore, all ousters are illegal and illegitimate in the eyes of this administration, period, the end. you can count on that.

7/02/2009 2:28 PM  

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