Texas state House appears poised to pass bill letting concealed handguns on college campuses

From the Austin American-Statesman: With 75 House sponsors of the concealed carry on campus bill out of 150 House members, the legislation seems certain to pass in the state House. The article notes that the UT chancellor appears to oppose allowing concealed handguns on campus, but won't be explicit. It also noted:

The Texas A&M University System does not have a position on the proposal, said Rod Davis, a spokesman. Elsa Murano, president of the College Station campus, said in a statement that strong arguments can be made for and against the legislation. . . .

Thanks to Scott Davis for this link.

The Missouri state Senate committee held hearings on the same type of bill.

JEFFERSON CITY - Only supporters made their voices heard at a Senate hearing on a bill that would allow guns on college campuses.

Five people defended a measure which would allow for college students to carry and conceal firearms on the state's college campuses.

Originally, House Bill 668 was a measure to lower the age for a gun permit to 21 from 23. But then the legislative process ran it course, which led to an additional amendment to allow for concealed handguns on college campuses.

The University of Missouri System and Missouri State University each opposed the measure when the conceal and carry provision was added. . . . .

Senate Judiciary Committee Vice Chairman Sen. Jack Goodman, R - Mt. Vernon, offered several opportunities for anyone to voice their opposition but no one did. . . . .

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