"Suspect In Car Break-In Held At Gunpoint"

Here is a defensive gun use from Portland, Oregon.

Suspect In Car Break-In Held At Gunpoint
POSTED: 3:50 pm PDT May 25, 2009
PORTLAND, Ore. -- A northeast Portland man stopped a suspected car prowler by holding him at gunpoint Monday morning.
Rex Elsner and his wife said the day started as an ordinary morning at their northeast Portland home.
"We were just hanging out in the house having coffee and my dog started barking," Tamra Elsner said.
The dachshund, it turns out, was sounding an alarm. Elsner said she saw someone breaking into their truck.
"I jumped up and looked out our big picture window and I came runnin' down through the cars here," Rex Elsner said.
Elsner, a military veteran, grabbed his handgun and ordered the prowler to stop and get on the ground.
"My heart was pounding a little bit, but we both believe in protecting our property," Tamra Elsner said.
Rex Elsner said he held the shoeless suspect, Liem Thanh Huynh, on the ground until police arrived five minutes later.
Officers arrested him on several charges, including cocaine possession and unlawful entry.
"He picked the wrong truck to break into, for sure," Elsner said.

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