More unintended suffering of animals from the Animal Rights movement

The New York Times has this:

Emaciated horses eating bark off trees. Abandoned horses tied to telephone poles. Horses subsisting on feces, walking among carcasses.

As the economy continues to falter, law enforcement officers in Kentucky and throughout the country are seeing major increases in the number of unwanted and neglected horses, some abandoned on public land, others left to starve by their owners.

The situation has renewed the debate over whether reopening slaughterhouses in the United States — the last ones closed in 2007 — would help address the problem. Some states, Missouri, Montana and North and South Dakota, for example, are looking at ways to bring slaughterhouses back.

An estimated 100,000 horses a year are shipped to Canada and Mexico for slaughter, prompting Congress to consider a bill that would ban the sale and transport of horses for human consumption outside the country. But Arkansas, Georgia and eight other states are against such a ban, saying owners need affordable options for unwanted horses. . . . . .

“No one has to send a horse to a processing plant,” he added. “It’s just an option for horses that are unusable. And it’s much more humane than leaving them there to starve to death.” . . . . .



Blogger ajb said...

They shut down the places in the USA to take horses for a quick and painless death. Now they live for years inhumanely crippled or get sent to Mexico, where I'm sure they look out for their best interests (sarcasm) - during the transport then during their death.

4/07/2009 9:53 AM  
Blogger Arctic Nation said...

I recall when they passed the bill Bo Derek, William Shatner and others who were vociferous and financial supporters of this bill cheered with great happiness.

Genuine horse people KNOW that humane slaughter for food markets is the ONLY way most people can see that their livestock, which is what a horse is, are humanely euthanized.

The G is the PROBLEM not the SOLUTION.

4/07/2009 3:18 PM  

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