A lot of gun control on the agenda for New York

From the Albany Times Union:

ALBANY — For years, they were the state Legislature's evergreens: measures repeatedly passed by the Democrat-controlled Assembly, only to be blocked in the Republican-dominated Senate. But with both chambers now controlled by Democrats, several perennials are sprouting in both houses.
The budget cycle that ended earlier this month brought about Rockefeller drug law reform, an income tax hike for the rich and an expansion of the bottle law. While gay marriage remains a question mark, lawmakers are now poised to take up another evergreen: gun control.

The annual battle over the issue kicks off today, when the Assembly — as it has done for several years — is expected to pass several measures that would tighten restrictions on gun ownership.

With a 68-seat margin in the Assembly (109 to 41), Democrats should have no problem passing initiatives to "microstamp" firearms in order to create an identifying print on fired cartridges. Also up for debate are tighter restrictions on gun retailers and a move to require people to renew handgun permits every five years.

Once those bills pass in the Assembly, gun control advocates will set their sights on the Senate and the Democrats' newly minted two-seat majority (32 to 30). . . . . .



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