Missouri could lower concealed carry age

From St. Louis Today:

Missouri lawmakers have proposed lowering the nation's oldest minimum age requirement for carrying concealed weapons, so that those allowed to drink alcohol can carry a gun.

Currently to qualify for a Missouri concealed weapon permit, applicants must be at least 23 years old, live in the state, have no felony convictions and pass a firearms training course and background check.

Now many of the people who pushed the state to set up that system for allowing concealed weapons want the minimum age lowered.

Of the 48 states that allow for concealed weapon permits -- only Illinois and Wisconsin do not -- about three-quarters require applicants to be 21 years old, according to Handgunlaw.us, a Web site operated by gun rights supporters to track state firearms laws. Other states allow permits even younger, at age 18. . . . .

The trend to reducing restrictions after the fears have proven wrong continues.

Thanks to Tony Troglio for the link.



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